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Synopsis Novel Shaf by Ima Madani

Synopsis Novel Shaf by Ima Madani

CLASSIC, this is just a story between a boss and his secretary. But not the story of a beautiful secretary who is loved by an arrogant boss. Let alone the story of the stone-headed cold one.

Nor is it a marriage because of business ties, because the fact is that physical beauty and wealth are not enough to survive on this third planet called earth.
Beautiful people are not always good, but good people are always beautiful. When the definition of beautiful is too abstract and the parameters are never clear. One sentence that Ali bin Abi Talib once said was enough to explain the true definition of beauty. Then is being a good person enough to survive on this Earth? Of course not, because being good means the same as being often
good means the same as being often
utilized. Therefore, women must also have intelligence. Like Aisha in the story of our Prophet.

In addition to intellectual and
emotional intelligence, I think women
must also have intelligence in adjusting to the environment.

Even dinosaurs that can't
adjust to the environment eventually became extinct, right?
But what kind of environment is worth adjusting to first. If the environment brings bad impact to our lives, just leave it. Isn't it good and bad that a person can be seen from who he is friends with?

Just take a small example, like in the work environment for example.

"Excuse me, is Mr. Athaya in his room?" My head spontaneously looked up. I
I was gaping. It felt like blood was dripping from my nose.
Okay, something's wrong with her dress. There's still a dress code even if the rules aren't officially stated in the office. Why should her forbidden parts be visible? And why do I feel uncomfortable seeing her even though I'm a woman myself?
This isn't the first time I've had a guest like this. It's also not the right time to wash your eyes. I mean...eye-washing isn't always about looking at women with their bodies wrapped in cloth with the bottom too high and the top too low, right?

"A-there, he's inside," I said. I
got up to open the door, with no intention of ushering the guest inside. Shortly after the woman entered, strange noises began to emerge.
Sounds that would make my blood rush, cold sweat fall like rain, and make me ask myself
-am I too stupid to understand all this? Somebody please slap me, or at least
tell me that I'm still within the bounds of sanity. At least remind me to never be poor in gratitude.

Come on, I'm already twenty-two years old.
How can I not understand

When everyone wants to get promoted and be in the position I'm in now, can I ask for a demotion as long as I don't get fired? How can I try to be good if the environment draws me to things that are not good.

Indeed, who doesn't like
Athaya Khalil Adnan: handsome face,
smiling, charismatic, thick wallet
thick, as if the whole world is in his
imperfect, only one of his flaws.

A dinosaur.

Liking him was a big mistake, being married and standing in the prayer line behind him was a nightmare.

"One shaf behind him is a nightmare."
That sentence was enough for Shafira to explain her condition after meeting Athaya Khalil Adnan. She had been living under the stigma that secretaries are yes-men. Doing whatever her superiors want without thinking or considering whether it's right or wrong.

The connotation was always negative. Perhaps because of this bad mindset, Allah seemed to punish her by making Shafira stuck in a profession that she really avoided. Yes, being a secretary to a planning manager made her enter a doorless maze that gave her no choice but to go through it.
to go through with it.

Synopsis Novel Shaf by Ima Madani

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