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Synopsis Novel Assalamualaikum Calon Imam by Ima Madani

Synopsis Novel Assalamualaikum Calon Imam by Ima Madani

It may not come on time, but it will come at the right time. Imam, do all women dream of having a future Imam, and then getting married to achieve sakinah? I never had a thought of getting married. I only thought of falling in love.

To the last Prophet whom the people long for, first please commit this love to You. I know marriage is indeed Your sunnah. I will not be recognized as Your people and I will also not be recognized as His servant if I do not follow the sunnah of my Messenger. Then how can I get married if I am unable to fall in love, my heart responds but my brain refuses, so every time I feel this heart pounding.

I'm afraid of dropping my heart to an Adam, but later I'll be just as hurt as Ummi. It was not an ordinary thing to hear about my parents' divorce when I was five years old, it made me hate my father, especially made me distrust men. Ya Rabb, I really don't want to be a disobedient child, if Ummi is my life, then Abi is my breath.

Will I forever be unable to accept Abi's decision to end it with a divorce? Doesn't that mean I can't fall in love forever?

Source: Wattpad

Author: Ima Madani

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