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Synopsis Novel Waalaikumsalam Pelengkap Iman by Ima Madani

Synopsis Novel Waalaikumsalam Pelengkap Iman by Ima Madani

IF you really believe that Allah is the Most Reversible of Hearts, then why do you still beg for human love? That's what makes me reluctant to discuss the matter of soul mates and life partners.

My mind is too busy improving myself. Fixing the past that can't be fixed at all. Until this heart is too stiff to realize the feelings given by Al-Wadud.

A taboo feeling called 'love' from the One who loves.

For me, love is only destruction. Qorun died because of his love for material possessions, so did Fir'aun who was drowned by his love for position. Fear overcomes me, I am afraid that the feelings that arise are only feelings of neglect. This heart is reluctant to admit that it has fallen.

But on the other hand Hamzah, Ja'far, and Hanzhalah died because of their love for Allah and His messenger. Then why after the love of Allah and His messenger, should there be another love? A feeling for someone that makes me feel special.

Yes, that child, he disturbed my mind, stepped into my heart and finally made me hurt.

Nafisya Kaila Akbar, the spoiled child. If you are reading this, you should know that being a household priest to you has been a long journey for me. One thing you have misunderstood is that marriage is not a solution to problems, but the beginning of new problems.

Source: Wattpad

Author: Ima Madani

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