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Synopsis Novel Ardini Wahyu Wulan by Maria A. Sardjono English Version

Synopsis Novel Ardini Wahyu Wulan by Maria A. Sardjono English Version
The third installment of the series, Rumahku Istanaku, tells the story of ARDINI WAHYU WULAN, a beautiful girl of noble blood who is educated and directed by her 'snob' mother to always be elegant, presenting the image of a high society woman.

As a girl with a modern upbringing and broader horizons, she just nodded along to her mother's teachings, but inside she already had her own judgment to pick and choose what suited her heart. This includes choosing her future husband. Although her mother had a different opinion, she continued her relationship with Iwan, her next-door neighbor.

But when Iwan began a close relationship with another girl named Erni, Dini was shaken. Her mother's teachings to behave gracefully caused her to hoard grief in her heart, pile by pile. As a result, she felt tormented until she finally found a chest that was ready to accommodate her cries. It was to Anton that she was able to present herself as she really was.

Unfortunately, when Anton kissed her, Dini realized that her love was still with Iwan. While she feels that her heart is bleeding again, in the flat where she lives, news has spread that she is pregnant. Can the gads face it all?
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