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Synopsis Novel Danu Saputro by Maria A. Sardjono English Version

Synopsis Novel Danu Saputro by Maria A. Sardjono English Version
The story shows the perseverance, tenacity and efforts taken by Danu Saputro to marry Titik, the widow of his own brother.

But his efforts are not easy, because the person who most hinders his efforts is Titik herself. The idealistic woman dared not betray her love and loyalty to Abhimanyu, her late husband. Even though her husband has been lying in his grave for almost two years.

Another obstacle was Danu Saputro's own mother. She had hated her son-in-law since the beginning of Titik's marriage to Abhimanyu. And for Danu Saputro, she had provided a girl named Wiwik who was not only beautiful, intelligent, and attractive, but also of noble blood equal to her family. The woman, who still glorified her feudal heritage, was unwilling to make love to Titik.

But they all forgot one thing. That was the thirst for a father's love that Kiki, Titik's son, craved. The child felt jealous of Wiwik. And that attack of jealousy had catapulted her into an act she copied from an incident that had happened in the flat. Namely, threatening suicide by throwing herself from the top floor!

So Titik's heart was in turmoil with all that mental stress! And what a mess Danu Saputro's plan was to keep Titik in a constant state of jealousy in order to make her confess her feelings!
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