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Synopsis Novel Last Choice by Maria A. Sardjono English Version

Synopsis Novel Last Choice by Maria A. Sardjono English Version
Heri paced in the center of her room.
: Her bulging temples. Her eyebrows were knitted together, with veins
almost forming a black line that curved towards her sharp nose.
"I guess... that's the only way to get close to her!" she muttered in a curious tone.
Andi stood leaning against the window frame. His palms were hidden in the pockets of his pantaloons. The young man said nothing. Only his eyes were talking while watching Heri who was busy pacing back and forth in front of him.
"I don't see any other way..." Heri complained. And then as if she was fed up with her back and forth, she stood in front of Andi with her arms stretched out to the side.
"Try it An, give me your voice! You don't seem to care, when you know that all this is because of the billboard you're bragging about...." he said.
Andi shrugged her shoulders,
staring at face laughing.
Heri with a view
"Why are you interested in him? I'm not just advertising him anyway. There's Wanti, Cisca, Tina, Butet...." he said.
his eyes who
Heri fell silent. His outstretched hands hung loosely at his sides.
"Mas, if I may know, why are you interested in her and not the others? Butet and Cisca have advantages over the other girls you're interested in," Andi said.
"It's a matter of taste...." he said, not being straightforward.
That's not the truth. The thing is, that one girl is
something other than the others. Her appearance was so
mesmerizing with her nonchalant attitude toward the
the young men who surrounded her. And more than that, Heri
wanted to conquer and win the heart of that haughty girl! "Indeed, Mas, I admit that Yuli is very beautiful. But for me and talking about taste..." Andi laughed for a moment, then continued, "I'm more interested in the others. I can't say
why, but yeah, that's how it is."
"Okay... but that's not the point of my question. I still haven't heard your views on my plan," Heri cut in impatiently. Her eyes met Andi's. And as expected, Andi looked away. As an older brother, Heri had enough to make Andi reluctant to oppose him.
"All I can say is, find a better way than your crazy plan, Mas," Andi finally said.
"What, you think it's crazy? Well, if so, take out the stash in your brain just in case.
You have a better plan," Heri said irritably. "And it seems to be more reliable in terms of results!" I'll consider it.
"Well, just get to know her naturally, or write a letter of introduction, you could also invite Indra who already knows her well..." Andi replied reluctantly. He already understood that his brother would be opposed. It was hard to bend Heri's stubborn will. He didn't take his brother's suggestion seriously. And sure enough, Heri laughed under her nose.
"The way of a snot-nosed child? Andi, I don't think there's anything more appropriate than my plan. Let you or anyone else think my plan is crazy or insane. I'm not harming anyone else anyway. Now that I have no more doubts, I will carry out my plan!" Heri said.
The young man clenched his fists as soon as he finished speaking, frowned for a while and nodded to himself.
"Well, if I don't take the risk, how can I get close to her..." he said.
Andi looked deeply into the eyes of her brother, who had been talking. And as soon as Heri stopped talking, she looked back into her brother's eyes. There was a challenge in his eyes. And Andi felt he had to give in.
"It's up to you, Mas, after all you experienced it yourself," Andi said slowly. And just like that he stepped out of the room, letting his brother wrestle with his own thoughts.
Heri pounded his palms with his fists.
"That's true. I'm the one living it, whatever risk I take, I'm the one who feels it. Why am I so anxious like this? If it fails, that means Yuli is not my soul mate. About being disappointed or heartbroken... hmm... things for later...." he muttered to himself. And then he smiled mockingly.
He stood at the window frame where Andi had been leaning. But unlike his sister, Hei was facing out through the window. The September afternoon breeze was sharp against his face. His ears heard the roar of a motorcycle running out of the yard. Of course Andi had come home. And Tina, Andi's wife, would welcome him with an affectionate kiss on the cheek, as she had always done. Hmm. As an older brother, he should have been married earlier than Andi. What else was missing in him? He was old enough, he already had his bachelor's degree. Even though there is no intention of working because he wants to rest his brain that has been used for nineteen years since he was in kindergarten, the problem of lack of money has never been felt. He was often invited by his acquaintances to do things here and there. Heri knew how many girls admired his good looks in addition to what he had, his degree and thick pockets, plus his parents' wealth! But he also knew that those girls would not necessarily love him sincerely, that is, they would only love him for himself, not for what he had, be it a brilliant brain or wealth, which could be lost by many reasons.
Now, after two love breaks, he didn't have the courage to approach girls again. Afraid of only meeting false love. Suppressing his heart's desire
However, his mother did not have the patience he did. Especially by seeing the fact that Heri's younger brother had stepped into marriage with the girl of his dreams.
And even Doni, Andi's younger brother, already has a future wife.
with an engagement ring as a sign of
engagement ring as a sign of binding. "Leave it to Mama, Her! You don't think that all beautiful girls don't have sincere hearts like your girls used to. Many of the girls I know are good, Her," his mother interfered in his personal affairs.
"Give me one more chance to look for myself, Mam..." Heri tried to avoid herself. But her mother didn't want to know. For her,
her eldest son's marriage was something
she wanted to be true.
"I think the ways in which parents used to find a mate for their children can be emulated as long as it doesn't rape feelings," she said.
"Do you mean I can reject her if she doesn't seem to suit me?" Heri asked firmly.
Of course! You are not Siti Nurbaya's parents!"
"Alright Mam, I agree. But give me a year
for me. If within a year I still haven't found the goddess I want, Mama can choose for me," Heri finally promised her mother. Now, three months have passed. Not once has Heri
felt attracted to a girl. Even though there are so
many of her friends. Nine months is not a long time
a long time. That time would pass anyway.
In her worries, Heri asked her younger siblings for help in introducing her to their girl friends. But still, her heart was hard to pierce by the arrow of romance. It wasn't until recently that the door to his heart slowly began to be shifted by Yuli, a beautiful girl whom he didn't even know. The first time
Heri saw the girl, she immediately felt attracted, how graceful Yuli looked among the girls at the party. Her indifferent attitude towards the young men who surrounded her touched Heri's heart. He had never seen a girl like Yuli. No chirping, no giggling, no laughing loudly like other girls did to attract attention. Yuli was different. And since that first sight, several times
Heri saw Yuli. But there was never a chance to approach her. Yuli never gave any chance to be approached by young men. This made Heri very curious. He was the one who usually got the girls' attention! And Yuli underestimated him! Not only that. He didn't even turn his head towards her.
how did he dare to approach the girl so subtly? Ask Indra, the only acquaintance who knew Yuli's family, for help?
But Indra had said, "I don't really know Yuli myself. I'm closer to her brother. That one girl is hard to approach, you'll be disappointed. She may not want to come out to see you...."
"How do you know, In?" Heri asked at the time.
And Indra laughed with a grin.
"My own experience! That's not all. Andri
had the same experience. Also Poltak!" he said. Heri was silent at that moment. Indra, Andri, and Poltak were not random young men. Indra with his parents' advantages, plus his popularity as an amateur singer with a deadly voice. And Poltak was the son of the dashing and handsome general. Heri thought, she must win him! That was the kind of wife he wanted. Not lured by the advantages someone has. Now it was just a matter of figuring out how to approach Yuli to further explore her traits. Heri didn't want to make the wrong choice again. But to such an extent, Heri's head was suddenly crossed by a plan that his sister considered crazy. He wanted to apply for a vacancy as a driver! And it seemed like the best way to subtly get to know Yuli up close and personal. Wasn't that an opportunity that was hard to come by? Why did he hesitate, why did he care about Andi's ridicule? Crazy or insane, that was his own business. After all, there was nothing to lose. There was no contract, no coercion. If things didn't go as planned, what was so hard about canceling and break free? He was secretly grateful to the circumstances. Yuli had never seen it. Even if he had, of course it didn't stick in his memory only
just a glimpse. "I'll apply for that vacancy! To hell with the business behind. As long as Andi will help me keep my mouth shut so that no one knows my plan!" he muttered to himself.
Heri muttered to himself.
The orange tinge of light from the west had not yet disappeared
from the skyline even though the shadows of dusk were beginning to peek through. And the sound of the sharp afternoon breeze strengthened Heri's intention to move forward and never back down.
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