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Synopsis Novel Mbak Titik by Maria A. Sardjono English Version

Synopsis Novel Mbak Titik by Maria A. Sardjono English Version
At first, when Titik was a teenager and became acquainted with brothers Abhimanyu and Danu Saputro, she was immediately attracted to Danu Saputro, the younger brother. But when she found out that he was attracted to other girls and one of them even gave him a suspicious glance, Titik pushed the attraction away from her. And then she let Abhimanyu approach her until finally, as their relationship grew, marriage was the answer to their romance.

But six years later, more than a year after Abimanyu passed away, Danu Saputro reappeared and offered his heart to her. And so the old flame was rekindled. But Titik never wanted to embrace him. Not even to admit that she loved him. For one thing, Danu's family, especially his mother, never liked her. Titik didn't want to repeat the bitterness she felt with Abhimanyu. Secondly, she wanted to maintain her image as a faithful wife. So she rejected Danu's love. For that, she had lied. "No, I don't. I don't love you!" she replied.

Inevitably Danu returned to Yogya empty-handed. But his conviction that Titik loved him too was rekindled when, in the calamity suffered by Titik, the chest that was overwhelmed by exhaustion and tears was not someone else's chest, but hers.

But is Titik willing to admit it honestly and fight her overly dominant super ego?
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