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Synopsis Novel Mermaid by Maria A. Sardjono English Version

Synopsis Novel Mermaid by Maria A. Sardjono English Version
With an obscure family background and a father she never knew, Harum grew up with artistic blood in her veins but with an incredible self-defense to not let herself fall in love. She was afraid of being humiliated.

When she received an order for paintings from a newly opened hotel on the shores of Carita Beach, the western tip of Java, one of the paintings she made was named 'Putri Duyung', a beautiful half-fish human. It was her face that was used for the mermaid's face.

By a strange coincidence, she found the same painting of a mermaid with a face similar to hers, hanging in the house of an old painter who, disappointed that none of his children had inherited his talent, had left painting. The painting, made a dozen years before Harum made the same one, was a big puzzle to Harum.

Still carrying that enigma, a man named Noroyono came into her life and ruined her peace of mind. Harum's attention was divided. Fortunately, romance did not succeed in removing her from the throne. Rather than suffer a broken heart in the future, it was better to banish him from her life now. But it turned out later that she felt that at the bottom of her heart, there was a huge gaping hole that made her life full of unrest and turmoil.

And what was the fate of Noroyono who was eliminated from Harum's life? Give up on him? This book will answer that question.
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