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Synopsis Novel Not the Wife of Choice by Maria A. Sardjono English Version

Synopsis Novel Not the Wife of Choice by Maria A. Sardjono English Version
Tormented as an adopted child unloved by her adoptive parents, Ratih accepted Mrs. Marta's proposal for her son, Hartomo. At first, the marriage was sweet. But not for long, as Hartomo grew tired of being married to a quiet, opinionated woman with an old-fashioned appearance. Especially after he saw his best friend in Jakarta succeed and marry a fashionable and insightful woman. Hartomo then left his small town for Jakarta to achieve the material happiness he craved. Arriving in Jakarta, Hartomo forgot about his mother and Ratih, who he considered not to be to his taste. He had no intention of bringing them to Jakarta. In fact, he intended to remarry a more modern woman. After five years without news from Hartomo, Ratih invited Bu Marta to move to Jakarta to fight for her life and love. She spent two years in Jakarta struggling, learning, persevering, and developing herself until she achieved a better life. Not only did her economic life improve, but her appearance changed, in accordance with her profession. It was at this time that she met Hartomo again. The meeting made Hartomo uneasy. For seven years he had left Ratih for dead. In fact, in two months he would marry the girl of his choice. But when he saw Ratih again, he was not willing to let go of his mother's chosen wife....
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