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Synopsis Novel A Woman's Heart by Maria A. Sardjono English Version

Synopsis Novel A Woman's Heart by Maria A. Sardjono English Version
Pipit married Wisnu out of love. Vishnu loved Pipit and Pipit loved Vishnu. But as it turned out, love alone was not enough to sustain their marriage palace. There are many demands and aspirations that each party expects from the other. Among other things, Pipit wanted Vishnu to give her the freedom to self-actualize and realize her potential outside the home. But Vishnu wants his wife to stay at home to be the queen of her domestic sphere and provide him with offspring. So the conflict of interest became a daily bone of contention. The two, who are both young and more concerned with their own needs, reach a peak of tension between them when Wisnu accuses Pipit of deliberately using a pessary. Meanwhile, Pipit, who is offended, feels very hurt because on the other hand, she sees Wisnu more closely and entrusts her problems to Titik, her old college friend.

In the end, the young couple realized that love alone was not strong enough to sustain their marriage, so they chose the path of divorce.

But Pipit's heart still longed for Vishnu. Although she managed to fulfill her career aspirations, she felt incomplete without Wisnu. Moreover, she felt that her heart was in turmoil because it turned out that life as a young widow was really hard. Harassment, suspicion, temptation, came one after another even though she was careful to carry herself.

Unfortunately, it was at a time like this that she met Vishnu again and her realization that she still loved the man even more flared up. Unfortunately, Wisnu's ring finger was already encircled by an engagement ring with another woman. Pipit's heart was in turmoil.
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